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Pricing Officiant Services

In this economy, couples are sensitive to all pricing. Venue, catering, flowers, photography, limousine, MC/DJ, chairs, linens, officiant, etc. can all add up to a comfortable, pricey or completely unaffordable total. Often, the reality of “unaffordable” comes as a complete … Continue reading

Your Dreams Team

If you don’t have a degree in management or don’t work in a well-oiled, productive team, you can still tell what distinguishes a great team from one that isn’t. Good teams are friendly, work well together, always consider the mission … Continue reading

Be kind. Demand kindness.

You may have watched a variety of bridal shows on television. I am not referring to the bridezilla show that uses actors to highlight how selfish and insensitive some brides can be. I am referring to real bridal situations such … Continue reading

Wedding Ceremony Programs

The wedding ceremony can be elaborate or simply elegant and without pretense. You can have pretense even without being elaborate, but don’t think that having a nicely decorated, printed program to let your guests know the score or to provide … Continue reading

Rules for Groom and Groomsmen

Rules for Groom and Groomsmen—This deceptively simple title implies that the men in a wedding merely have to follow some rules and everything will be fine. For the average guy in a traditional relationship, this is probably true. For you … Continue reading

Bell of Truce

You’ve read about many things about weddings in this blog. Most have been non-traditional or at least outside the norm. I’ve tried to help you become aware of alternatives to what people may say are “traditional” for weddings. I do … Continue reading

Things Can Happen…and they do!

After so many weddings, we three officiants at A Perfect Witness (Jayne, John and Bob) think we’ve seen it all, and every time one of us mentions this, something new happens. There is no end to the surprises that can … Continue reading

Tradition? Create your own!

Some brides and grooms like tradition. Besides pleasing themselves by following traditions, it pleases parents and grandparents with whom a younger couple has a bond. If tradition is what you want, then tradition is certainly what you should have in … Continue reading

Love and Marriage

People always believe they are in love at the moment they become engaged and at the moment the officiant pronounces them husband and wife. Often they are right, and their strong, almost intoxicating belief carries them for many years. Yet our … Continue reading

Let’s All Get Stones

Symbolism is something that brides and grooms often want in their ceremony. We’ve discussed the symbolism of Unity Candles. Incorporating a symbolic event in the context of your beach venue can be Unity Sand. Pouring two colors of sand into … Continue reading

Unity Sand

Unity Candles are excellent indoors symbols for demonstrating the union you vow your marriage to be, but their symbolism has a downside, too. Candles burn out, blow out and do not depict a lasting effect. They are ceremonial (in the … Continue reading

Unity Candle

Marriage is the union of two people who bring out the very best in each other. They know that as good as they are as individuals, that together they are even better. When brides and grooms want to symbolize their … Continue reading

Florida Marriage License Q&A

Q. Who may Issue a Marriage License? A. Every marriage license shall be issued by a county judge or clerk of the Circuit Court under his hand and seal. The county judge or clerk of the circuit court shall issue … Continue reading

Love is enough

When you have nothing left but love, then for the first time, you become aware that love is enough. I cannot recall where or when I first heard this poignant thought, but it stuck with me ever since. It is … Continue reading

Humour in Wedding Ceremonies

When we interview couples who want to plan their wedding and find the right officiant for them, the conversation often begins with something like, “We went to a friend’s wedding recently and the minister told jokes the whole time. It … Continue reading

Questions you should ask every prospective wedding officiant…

Due diligence is the proper term for protecting yourself by checking out any vendor you might hire. Your wedding may be simple and inexpensive or expensive and complex. Whatever, you owe it to yourself and your guests to have your … Continue reading

Dare to be different!

Are you a fun-loving couple, known for your over the top approach to life? Perhaps you are a young couple who just wants something unique and interesting to spice up your wedding with an out-of-the-ordinary, appealing idea. Whatever drives your … Continue reading

Did you know…?

Traditions may become important parts of weddings…some applied rigorously in an absolutely must have way and others in a nice to have but not really critical way. One that has evolved in a mostly must have way is where wedding … Continue reading

How much religion in your ceremony is enough?

Couples who wish to be married in their church, synagogue or mosque have already made their decision about the degree of religion they want in the wedding ceremony. For those who have not made that decision, the question remains—and sometimes … Continue reading

Traditions? You can make it your own!

Wedding traditions vary greatly depending on who is setting the standard. Many brides feel they are a slave to their mother’s traditions; others feel inhibited by religious doctrine or regional social rituals. When you are dealing with a formidable force … Continue reading

Weigh your options, then decide

When planning your wedding, you will encounter more details, deadlines and deposits than you probably ever have. You may have budget restrictions, a strong desire to apply your own skills in many aspects of your wedding, such as decorations, invitations, … Continue reading

Your Wedding Officiant

Your day, your way! When you choose an officiant as carefully as you choose your gown, you will certainly be off to a great start.
Continue reading

Your Wedding Ceremony

So, you’re getting married. Congratulations! Whether this is your first or fourth marriage, you have many things and costs to consider: venue, gowns and tuxes, flowers, rings, your religious views, the religious views of your families and perhaps the requirements … Continue reading

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