Customized Wedding Ceremonies

A wide range of choices and value for your budget.




Limitless Ideas

Your ceremony should be as unique as you are.

Custom Ceremonies

Every wedding has four basic parts:  commitment, vows, rings and pronouncement. You can add special greetings, your own vows, add music or poetry and acknowledge your children or parents or anyone you care to.

Pirates! Oh my!
Roaring Twenties!
On the beach!

You can marry with as much or as little pomp and circumstance as you wish. It's your day. Do it your way and enjoy it!


Your wedding can be made to be exactly what you want it to be. That's most of the fun.

Champagne Toast!
Include the children!
Unity Sand

On the beach the Unity Sand add-on fits nicely with any ceremony. The Stones (or shells) involve your guests in wishing you well on your special day.

When the candles can stay lit (inside), the Unity Candle add-on is a perfect way to involve the respective mothers in your ceremony by having them each light one candle before they take their seats. The two candles burn during the ceremony, and you use them together to light the Unity Candle symbolizing your unity in love and marriage.


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